Boaz's Story (Credit to We Like HK)

About Boaz Education

The founder of Boaz Education has known about her Dyslexia for years, and her experience through which has made her fully understand the learning obstacles in students with learning difficulties. Therefore, with the mission “If children do not learn the way we teach, we teach the way they learn”, Boaz International Education Institute was established. Boaz’s professional team always tries with utmost effort to explore the inherent potential of every child, to develop suitable learning strategies for children with special educational needs, by emphasizing their own capabilities and creativity, to support them to become independent learners.

School programmes
we served

260 +

School teachers
we trained

750 +

we served

2480 +

SEN Instructors
we trained

200 +



10 +

we trained

220 +

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DBS Foundation Grant Award 2019

The DBS Foundation grant will support the international accreditation of Boaz's trainer programme thereby encouraging more passionate educators in this field and supporting students from marginalised groups.

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