Screening Consultation

Screening Consultation


Who should join?

Children who are diagnosed as dyslexic.

Children who show symptoms of dyslexia.

Children who experience learning difficulties other than dyslexia.

How long does it take?

Around 2 hours, actual duration depends on the responsiveness of client.


​Our professional consultant will carry out a face to face interview with the client under a casual atmosphere.  The purpose is to identify the learning difficulties the client is facing, to provide a safe environment for reflection, and to determine the types of solution suitable for the client.

Simple assessment such as the Davis® Perceptual Ability Assessment will be conducted to determine whether the child has the positive mental talents associated with dyslexia.

All clients who wish to join the Davis® Dyslexia Correction Program must first attend the screening consultation.  This is to ensure that the Programme is appropriate to his/her goals and conditions and to determine and to establish the necessary motivation and goals for doing the Programme.

The client must be accompanied by at least one adult throughout the consultation. We encourage parents to join the consultation so that our professional consultant could have a deeper discussion with you on the client's situation on spot.


A profile of academic weaknesses identified with proposed educational solutions would be compiled by our professional consultant for client's reference. 

The client has absolute freedom on whether to pursue the proposed solutions in the profile.


More information about the program is available at the official website of Davis Dyslexia Association International.