Recommendation Letters from Parents

 1:1 Private Learning Support Program Parent

This “More than a Game” program uses children’s favorite games and sports to teach students the correct value, as well as to cater for their individuals’ needs. For me, it is not just any ordinary sports program that children are there to jump and run around, all activities from this program are specially designed with great thought. It is exactly the type of activity that I would like my boy to join. 



"More than a Game" Parent

Mosses is a 8-year-old boy with mild ASD, ADHD and Learning difficulties symptoms. He improved a lot after joining the “You’ve Got Talent” program. For children with mild ASD symptoms, it is very difficult for them to engage in group discussion as they can hardly listen to and accept others’ opinion. Through completing a cooperative project, it is great that children can experience the downside of insisting own idea without communicating with others. From it, children can understand the importance of respecting and accepting other’s ideas.


One thing worth mentioning is that I am grateful to see the tremendous growth in Mosses. Our family faced one important issue that would affect everyone in the future. In our discussion with Mosses, I am astonished and, at the same time, touched, by how Mosses analyzed the pros and cons of each possible decision. And most importantly, he told me that “Mum, no matter which option you take, it is your decision that matters”. I am pleased to see how he is able to respect the choice of others and see the long-term influence instead of merely focusing on present.  He is a big boy now.



"You've Got Talent" Parent

My girl, Coco, is going to be G.1 next year. I started to worry about her interpersonal skills as she used to have a very stubborn character. I am grateful to have met Ms. Chan, and through joining the “You’ve Got Talent” program, Coco has learnt to engage in group discussion, as well as to accept others’ opinion. Upon completion of a group project, she got a chance to verbally present their product to others. Her devotion in the program is out of my expectation, and that our family is very proud to see how she can confidently present her ideas to others.

In this program, Coco gained her self-assurance. She has never been so confident before. She now understands the importance of communicating with each other. All these can never be learnt from books.



"You've Got Talent" Parent

My boy has grown a lot after joining "More than a Game". At first, I intended to let him try learn through play with others kids, to learn about sharing and other communication skills only. However, I am so surprised that he enjoyed the lesson so much that he insisted to go find Miss Chan every week.


From my other daily activities, I realized that he can now share, and accept winning and losing while playing with his sister, without throwing tantrum. Great thanks to this program that taught him all these skills with interactive and interesting games.  Also, thank you Miss Chan for all the parental guidance in behavior management skills.


"More than a Game" Parent

Among all the playgroup outside, most of them focuses on language and other academic-related development in children, only limited highlight children's talent or character education


Thank you so much for Miss Chan and all teachers! Keep it up!



"More than a Game" Parent

"You've Got Talent" Program Parent

My boy, Jayden, has improved a lot after joining the "You've Got Talent" the second time.


Unlike the other interest class, this program is very special as it focuses on each children's individual needs. Throughout the program, Jayden's personalized goal is to build up more confidence and to be able to raise own ideas. Recalling back, he was very passive at the beginning of the class. He had a huge turnover after the 2 weeks class. From the final presentation, we saw a very confident boy with great initiative in answering various questions without hesitation. He was highly devoted and he can now discuss and share ideas with groupmates. His communication skills improved a lot.


What surprised us is that he even designed his own comprehensive security system after the program, and he clearly presented each details to us. We believe this is a very important lesson for him.



"You've Got Talent" Program Parent

Davis Dyslexia Correction Program


Kaden - Try your best!!


I always believe learning attitude is the most important thing. Once you have the skills, you  can now restart with a new engine and battery.


Thank you Ms Chan and Ms Odi for finding the right method for Kaden and helping him to gain his confidence back. Also, thanks for teaching me how to appriecate my kids.


Thank you God for bringing me to you all, you all are like angels bringing my kids back to the right track with love.






1:1 Private Tutorial and You've Got Talent" Parent

告訴你們他天天在進步. 這就是用來答謝MISS CHAN & MISS ODI 的最好禮物.

當我用文字在FB寫出來時. 我須要鼓起莫大的勇氣將自己小孩子的經歷成長寫出來. 因為怕被標籤. 又不想影響孩子的自尊. 更不想老人家擔心孫兒. 一直只是默默耕耘. 看來我們一點一滴累積而來開始萌芽. 讓他在人生旅途上起飛.

誰不想自己的孩子聰明、聽教聽話又活潑可愛….. 但當以上都不是父母會如何呢!


我的孩子漸漸長大. 發現他與同歲的小孩總是不同. 我帶他到健康院健康檢查向護士查詢. 護士就轉介到中九龍兒童評估. 當時剛剛三歲接受第一次評估. 報告是附符合年齡. 在他K1-K3的期間他的說話都是斷斷續續. 無法很完整有次序的把想說的表達出來. 總是東一半西一半. 到了升上小學. 遇到的問題愈來愈大. 他上課時聽不懂. 回家不會發問又不懂做功課. 更不用想他測驗考試成績了. 再次到中九龍兒童評估排期做評估. 因政府資源有限一排要等一年. 我只好到私營的評估中心. 報告結果他有言語發展遲緩等等的問題. 可能大家就會想. 言語發展遲緩會有什麼問題. 言語發展比一般同歲的小孩子遲. 會導致他字詞理解、字詞運用、字句組織等問題….. 有了報告我又可以如何幫他呢. 想多給他學習不同的課程去增加他的智識. 例如: 英文默書不好. 讓他學拼音. 但拼音對他沒有起什麼作用. 反而更令他更混淆.


當孩子要升三年級前的一個暑假. 有一位課外活動時認識的老師給了一份單張. 你嘗試去了解一下去找他們幫忙. 單張上有這位導師的學歷資格. 我打電話向這位導師(MISS CHAN)了解時她很有耐性. 她說只是憑你的說話去單方面了解孩子. 不如你帶孩子到我其中一個趣味小組來. 讓我親身去觀察他.…. 經過一段時間的了解後. 我們就在升三前的暑假開始了在BOAZ的第一個課程.


在半年間孩子的能力真的提升了. 不單是學術上. 而是對自己的肯定有了變化. 他對自己有了自信. 做事主動了. 他以前認識的老師都讚他三年級進步了不少. 成績方面由以前一科合格. 現在是得一科不合格. 小孩子確實付出了不少的努力. 就算是不合格. 都可以先讚賞他. 鼓勵他繼續努力


他們(BOAZ)教學的理念很好. “沒有教不到的孩子. 只是未想出一個對應的方法”. 因他們相信每一個孩子都是獨有的. 能力和方式都不同. 他們實踐了有教無類的精神. 他們帶我去到另外一個角度去欣賞孩子的優點. 從中他們都了不少方法去教孩子聽讀寫. 如何去把重點抽出來. 讓孩子更容易理解.



孩子的成績不好很多時都會歸咎於他們懶惰. 但有沒有想過孩子可能有特殊學習的需要而影響他們學習. 在學習上與其他的孩子有不同.

家長都怕被標籤. 不想讓別人知道孩子有特殊學習問題. 又或者不去正視. 其實幫到孩子的人不只是老師. 而是家庭中常常照顧他的人. 並同時與一班正在每天好像與時間競賽的家長們說不要放棄. 孩子可以有無限進步的空間.


 1:1 Private Learning Support and Davis Dyslexia Correction Program Parent

 1:1 Private Learning Support Program Parent

 1:1 Private Learning Support Program Parent

A letter of thank from a parent in Pakistan receiving 1:1 On-line Learning Support Program

Ref letter from Russell's Parent (Withou

Russell is going to be a third-grade boy this September. It has been a long journey since he was diagnosed Dyslexia. Before joining Boaz, Russell barely recognized words and alphabets, but things changed later.


After being a parent, I realize that tremendous passion and patience are needed for educating children. As parents and teachers of children with SEN, we have to believe that there is unlimited potential for the children given the appropriate way for them to overcome obstacles ahead. 


Russell now loves reading and going to school, I no longer have to worry about his academic studies. He will build Lego models after reading different books, but his dream is still being an Architect. It is a pleasant surprise that he has gained a lot of self-confidence.


I sincerely hope that more children will see their future under your guidance, understanding that dreams come after obstacles. Thank you for changing Russell from a self-abased boy into a confident and happy child. Thank you for helping our family.


 1:1 Private Learning Support Program Parent