DBS Foundation Grant Award 2019

11. 2019

Boaz Education has successfully won the DBS Foundation Grant Award. The DBS Foundation grant will support the international accreditation of our trainer programme thereby encouraging more passionate educators in this field and supporting students from marginalised groups.

Boaz's mission spreading in Singapore!


Thank you for the great opportunity to let Boaz spreading our mission and service in Singapore! It was great to exchange ideas with school teachers and understand more about the needs of students with learning difficulties, not only in Hong Kong.

Staff Professional Development - October 2019


New term starts! Our first staff professional development day begins. May all instructors have a smooth and rewarding year ahead! More trainings to come...

2-Day Parents Training Workshop in CCC Kei Faat Primary School

July 2019

A two-day parents workshop was held in CCC Kei Faat Primary School teaching parent to identify the needs of children with special educational needs and the learning strategies about Chinese, English, and Mathematics difficulties.

The "Never Give Up" story featured in Local Ginger

​Thank you Local Ginger (本地薑) for featuring Miss Chan's Dyslexia story to spread the message in the public that we should always believe in ourselves and not giving up when facing challenge. Everyone of us has the power to make a change from disadvantages to our advantages!

Special Project collaborating with HKUST

June 2019

Thank you The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology for inviting us to participate in the project - Advisory & Grant Making for 4 Social Enterprises. We were honoured to win the First Prize. It was a great opportunity to collaborate with all the members from the team and let more people in the society learn about the needs of children with Special Educational Needs.


Everyone can shine and become successful, no matter how diverse the road is.


Fullness Social Enterprises Society – Sharing Session


Thank you Andrew and Fullness Social Enterprises Society (豐盛社企學會) for inviting Miss Chan to share how she overcome her dyslexia as well as her experience on starting Boaz Education and how she encounter all the challenges on start-up journey.


We are glad to meeting and sharing our ideas with people with great support to social enterprises in Hong Kong and with the same mission to create a better future.

Featured Article, EdUHK AADO Magazine (Contribution @ Special Education)


It is our honor to be invited by Alumni Affairs and Development Office, The Education University of Hong Kong (香港教育大學 校友及拓展事務處). There has a featured article, named Contribution @ Special Education, in Dec 2018, in an alumni magazine. Miss Chan shares her previous journey of learning and overcoming dyslexia, enlightenment on how to learn by her teacher, and the vision and belief of Boaz Education.


When more teachers put themselves in the Special Educational Needs (SEN) students’ shoes and look at education with fresh eyes, with the collective efforts from all parties, more students with SEN would sure be benefited in the soon future.

Catering for Learning Diversities - Guest Lecture in the Faculty of Education, HKU


Catering for Learning Diversities - Guest Lecture in the Faculty of Education, HKU


Thank you, the Faculty of Education, University of Hong Kong, for inviting Ms. Chan and Miss. Vienne sharing on ‘Catering for Learning Diversities’ with the prospective teachers.


"A good teacher must be able to put himself in the place of those who find learning hard." Eliphas Levi


We hope that through understanding more about the need and struggles of the children with SEN, the prospective teachers could be well-prepared for a wonderful class and inspire more students with the power of learning.

2018 Christmas Wild Camp @ Boaz X 山與海


Our Christmas Wild Camp was successfully held in December, 2018.

Students tried wild camping and cooking, building tents for their first time. And all of them enjoyed this unique and exciting experience very much.


We are glad to have @山與海 and the tutors for their guidance and planning, as well as our parents for their support and participation.


More exciting activities are coming soon.

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English Learning Skills Workshop (Parent & Children) – Fall 2018


The English Learning Skills Workshop (Fall 2018) was successfully held on 4th, November, 2018.


We are glad to have @Broadway Toys Limited 栢龍玩具 and Eddie for their provision of board games, as well as grateful to have our parents participating.


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Sharing Session – Come Know SEM Lab on 29/10


Thank you SMELAB for inviting Miss Chan to share about her experience in starting a business by discovering the niche in the Blue Ocean.


"Everyone is gifted, but some people never open their package." We hope that all children can learn to identify their own gift, embrace their uniqueness and shine their strengths.

Shatin Emmanuel Church – Parent Talk


Thank you Shatin Emmanuel Church for inviting Miss Chan to teach parents how they can bring their kids “escape from learning barriers”! We understand education is not an easy task. Through this talk, it was very happy to share with parents the skills to help students learn in academics and the effective methods in parent-child communication. We hope that all parents can gain from us and grow with their children together!

Tsuen Wan Baptist Church – Parent Talk


Thank you Tsuen Wan Baptist Church for inviting us to share with parents, SEN tutors and some university students about how we deal with different situations when taking care of children with special education needs (SEN), especially the teaching strategies and behavioral management. Miss Chan’s first-hand experience in overcoming Dyslexia allows her to help students with SEN set goals and provide them with motivation for further achievements. We believe that every child has his/her own potential, through sharing with parents and teachers, we hope that they will be the companions of the children with SEN, together embrace the obstacles ahead and boost their confidence.

Sharing in Changing Young Lives Foundation


Thank you Changing Young Lives Foundation for inviting us to share with their tutors the essential skills for effectively teaching students with special educational needs (SEN). With Miss Chan sharing her own experience in helping those students, we hope to provide down to earth strategies to tutors in conducting homework and revision sessions with students with SEN, through understanding more about the needs of these students and the teaching strategies, they can adopt suitable teaching methods to support the students.

Faculty of Education, HKU Sharing Session


Thank you Dr. Yuen for inviting Miss Chan to share with MEd students at HKU about the talents and career development of Twice Exceptional children. It was great to see we can inspire people to help children in the society. Every party can make positive influence on a child. We believe all children can find their strengths and can learn in their own ways!

Staff Development Day (2018 Fall)


New school year has started! Our staff were gathered for training to equip with more knowledge and to understand the new trend in the SEN industry. Thank you all for your passion and enthusiasm towards analysing the needs in our kids and bring positive influence to them! Let’s shine together this year!

Sharing in Lingnan University


Thank you Dr. Siu Yan Ho for inviting us to give a talk at Ling Nam University, sharing the experiences and characteristics of being SEN instructors. We could see some students who are passionate and interested in working in this field.
If you wish to teach SEN children with skills that they can use to help and strength their learning, welcome to join us!

RTHK Radio 2 Sharing on "University Station (TP x Jubo)"


Thank you RTHK Radio 2 "University Station (TP x Jubo)" for inviting Miss Chan and Mr Kingsly. Miss Chan shared the experience as a dyslexic, the struggle and difficulties in learning during her childhood.
Mr Kingsly also shared his experience as a SEN instructor, accompaning SEN students to go through their hard time in learning and some special skills to help them.

University students who are interested in SEN education and related parents are welcome to replay the radio and learn more about Miss Chan and Mr Kingsly's excitement and enjoyment of assisting dyslexic students on their learning journey.

CTGoodJobs - Mr Kingsly and Miss Vienne sharing as SEN Instructors, their Learning Strategies and Passion


​Thank you CTGoodJobs for the telling Miss Chan's story. As a dyslexic, Miss Chan truly understands dyslexic's learning barriers and difficulties. Mr Kingsly and Miss Vienne also introduced some creative learning skills. They also shared that a lot of patience, creativity and observation skill are required for SEN instructors. Last but no least, we are always looking for instructors who want to make a change to the world.

SOW Asia - 有教無淚 (Video)


Thank you Sowasia and City U's student for the meaningful video. Dyslexia is very common among students, however, few truly understand their needs. This video (有教無淚) and a suitable method to help them learn is all they need.



Metro Daily - With Innovative Education, SEN Students Can Shine


Thank you Daisy Chow for telling Miss Chan and Boaz Education's story of overcoming dyslexia and helping dyslexic students to overcome their academic barriers. Coincidentally, Miss Chow and Boaz both agree that "If children do not learn the way we teach, we teach the way they learn." It is always our mission to help children to find their best way to learn. 

Especially thanks for getting more people to learn about our belief that every child can learn and to see the potential in children with SEN!

2018 Bright Future SME’s Youth Creative Entrepreneurship Award


Thank you Roy for the nomination and support for Boaz Education. We are glad that we won 2018 Bright Future SME’s Youth Creative Entrepreneurship Award from The Hong Kong General Chamber of Small and Medium Business. We sincerely appreciate every member of the Boaz Team, including Mr. Kingsly, Miss Shum, Miss Tiffany, Miss Vienne, for their effort and support.

Won Top 10 SME Customer Service Excellence Award 2017


We are very honored to be again chosen as Top 10 SME Customer Service Excellence Award 2017

Throughout the year, it is very grateful to see the support from all the staff, without their hard work and support, Boaz will not be where we are today.

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to all the staff, parents and schools for their unlimited support throughout the year.

Egive For You Charity Foundation - Press Conference


Miss Chan is delighted to be invited by Egive For You Charity Foundation to meet Professor Sin and Tin Lok's parent  Miss Chan also share her experience in overcoming dyslexia and talked about the appropriate methods to enhance students’ learning. Hope that we can benefit the children and their more families by solving their daily difficulties in emotion control and parent-child relationship!

HK01 - Miss Chan's Sharing with Professor Sin and SEN's Parent


Thank you HK01 for telling Miss Chan's story of overcoming dyslexia and her learning strategies to help the dyslexic kids. Especially thanks for getting more people to learn about our belief that every child can learn and even children with SEN can become an independent learner!

Sharing in teachers' workshop for British Council Hong Kong


We are delighted that Miss Chan was invited by British Council Hong Kong to share with the teachers from different walks of life her strategies in learning English and Chinese and her vision of the future of education.

JCI City Lady Magazine - Ladieslink (January Edition)


​Miss Chan is delighted to share her experience in overcoming dyslexia and the reason to start Boaz Education in the JCI City Lady Magazine - Ladieslink (January Edition). Hope Miss Chan story can encourage children with SEN  to believe that everyone even children with SEN have talent and we can bring a better future for our students!

Social Innovation - Staff Development for City University of Hong Kong


Miss Chan is delighted to share her experience in Social Innovation for staff development of City University of Hong Kong. Hope the talk has inspired more people to understand and support the development of social enterprises and social innovation. Let's create a better society together!

Last Chance for enrollment in Boaz Christmas Camps 2017!

Boaz's Christmas Camp 2017 is coming!

Grasp your last chance to give your kids a memorable and meaningful christmas holiday!

(Please see the posters for details of the camps.)

We like Hong Kong – Work Hard Will Win Awards


We are delighted to receive the Award (Corporate Responsibility) at the "We like Hong Kong – Work Hard Will Win Awards Ceremony"! There are many touching stories in the awards ceremony held on 28th November 2017. Every award winner works hard for their faith, some are for the family and the others are for the community. Each person has his or her own strengths in different areas of the society, shows positive attitudes and perseverance when they face difficulties, which matches with our vision that "All children can be independent learners and all children have strengths, even children with special needs".

Startup Career Fair 2017 at the Polytechnic University

23 November 2017

Boaz is recruiting!
The Startup Career Fair 2017 at the Polytechnic University (23 November 2017) is over, but our recruitment is not over yet! Please let us know if you are the type of candidates that we are looking for! (email:

Parents Talk for Hans Andersen Club

25 November 2017

Miss Chan is delighted to be invited by Hans Andersen Club to share with parents on her experience of successfully overcoming dyslexia and some learning strategies in Chinese/English/Mathematics for students with Dyslexia. Hope we can give support to the parents along the growing journey of their kids and let more families to see the bright future in their children!

Parents and Teachers Talk for Whampoa Alliance Church

19 October 2017

Miss Chan is delighted to be invited to share her experience in overcoming dyslexia with the parents, teachers and friends of Whampoa Alliance Church. Miss Chan also talked about the appropriate methods to enhance students’ learning. Hope that we can benefit the children who are having tutorial there and might more and more families see hope in their children!

Sharing in JCI City Ladies social evening

17 October 2017

Miss Chan is delighted to share her experience in overcoming dyslexia and the current situation of special education in Hong Kong with professionals from different fields in the JCI City Ladies social evening. Hope the needs of Hong Kong students can be more recognized in the society and we can bring a better future for our students!

Sharing in teachers' workshop for Baptist Rainbow Primary School

Principal Chu's vision in education field is admirable and we are delighted that Miss Chan was invited by Baptist Rainbow Primary School to share with the school teachers her experience in overcoming dyslexia and strategies in learning English and Chinese.

Boaz's on Metro Daily news

29 September 2017

Thank you Ms. Gammy Kwok for writing a brilliant article for Boaz which is published on Metro Daily on 29 September 2017.

We Like HK online voting

​“When I go to school everyday, I encounter words that I cannot understand”, “I cannot remember the words even if I spell it for a hundred times”, “I can’t even read the menu in a restaurant”…Dyslexic students pay a lot of effort to cope with their difficulties everyday. We believe that every child has their strength. Every child can be an independent learner! Give us your vote and walk with us to create a better future for them.

How to vote:
1. Click:
2. Watch the Video of Boaz
3. Click "請評分 (Please rate)" and select 1-10 (10 is the highest mark)
4. Click "提交" (Submit)
5. You will see "感謝投票" after your successful vote.⁠⁠⁠⁠

**Deadline: 8/10/2017

Orange News


Thank you Orange News for telling Miss Chan's story of overcoming dyslexia and starting Boaz to help the dyslexic kids. Especially thanks for getting more people to learn about dyslexia, bringing us closer to our vision to build a society where every kid can shine with their talent!

JCI City Lady - 2017 Hong Kong Professional Elite Ladies Selection


We would like to extend our sincere gratitude to JCI City Lady for awarding “2017 Hong Kong Professional Elite Ladies Selection” to Miss Chan. This award serves as a recognition of Miss Chan and Boaz Team’s contribution to SEN community and we will continue to reflect our commitment to excel here.

Boaz's Big TV Advertisement in Causeway Bay

​Boaz landed in Causeway Bay! Thanks again for the help of JCI City 城市青年商會 and Innovative Entrepreneurship Award, we have the chance to spread our message on the Big TV screen on Russell Street, letting the public know that dyslexic students can also be motivated to learn with the right method.

Boaz's posters in MTR stations

Thanks to JCI City and Innovative Entrepreneurship Award for their support, Boaz's latest posters have been published and shown in 14 MTR stations.

JCI City – Innovative Entrepreneur Award & My Favourite Award

​We are delighted to be awarded "Innovative Entrepreneur Award" by JCI City. Thanks to our passionate teachers, we were also awarded "My Favourite Award" in the ceremony. Thanks JCI City and Mr. Sam Sio for nominating us. We would like to give our heartfelt thanks to our passionate staffs too!

Sharing on RTHK "Listen & Talk 3"

Miss Chan and Miss Odilia shared their experience in special education and Miss Chan's experience in overcoming dyslexia in the "Listen & Talk 3" program on RTHK. Please click the button below to listen to the program: 

Better Business Innovation Series - Developing our Future Workforce - Innovation in Education

Miss Chan shared Boaz's vision in the future of special education and her experience in overcoming dyslexia in the Better Business Innovation Series event - "Developing our Future Workforce - Innovation in Education" organized by The British Chamber of Commerce on 8/6 in HKU. We are happy to meet many educators who are passionate to make a change in the future of education!

Bronze Award for volunteer service (Individual)

​Distinction Learning Society has built a valuable platform for training volunteers to help children with special education needs. With special thanks to Mr. Paul Wong, it has been such an honour for Ms Chan to be able to serve as their volunteering service consultant. Let’s work harder for the kids in need!

CR1 "Crosstrade" hosted by Mr Chan WIng Luk on 30/5/2017

Add Details here

CR1 has been inviting different social impact enterprises to introduce their services to their listeners. Boaz Education is certainly honoured to participate in the “Crosstrade” program hosted by Mr. Chan Wing Luk on 30/5/2017. Our two founders, Ms. Twiggy Chan and Ms. Odilia Kan talked about their journey to start up Boaz Education and their commitment in helping children of dyxlexia and other special education needs. You can listen to the interview again via

Hong Kong Economic Journal 2017.05.11

Thank you Hong Kong Economic Journal for the article on 11/5/2017. We are delighted that the article on HKGCC Bulletin has been reported in  HKEJ, bringing Boaz's message to their readers.

Teachers' Training Workshop at Singapore International School (Hong Kong)

Add Details here

Thanks to Singapore International School (Hong Kong) for inviting us to provide training workshops for school teachers, introducing Differentiation and Learning Strategies for students with special needs and sharing our experience on how to apply classroom setting accommodations and behavioral management techniques. We are very delighted to see the teachers practicing enthusiastically in the activities and learning different skills to help the students with different special needs!

Won the "Entrepreneur Day - Outstanding Start-up Award" by HKFYG and HKTDC

Add Details here

We are very honored to be chosen for the "Entrepreneur Day - Outstanding Start-up Award" by HKFYG and HKTDC.


Throughout the event, it is very excited to see all the support from people of different fields in showing awareness on the needs for children with‪ specific learning difficulties‬.

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to YBHK and our mentor, David, for their unlimited support throughout the whole start-up process.


Let's keep fighting! As we believe " If the child does not learn the way we teach, we teach the way they learn."

U-Magazine Interview

Add Details here

Thanks to U Magazine for interviewing Miss Chan and increasing public awareness of Dyslexia. We hope our persistence can bring hope to more families!

Our First Presentation in Israel

Add Details here

We are happy to have our first presentation in Israel! Miss Chan shared her experience in Israel about how to help students with special needs to become independent learner. It's fun and happy to learn from the passionate educators around the world!

HKFYG Talk: Classroom Management and Practical Teaching Strategies

Thank you HKFYG for inviting us to share our classroom management techniques and practical teaching strategies with social workers and tutors. We are delighted to see so many enthusiastic co-workers having good understanding of kids with SEN and are happy to discuss with these enthusiastic co-workers about different techniques in teaching kids with SEN. It is a great opportunity to learn from each other! Thanks again to HKFYG for your invitation!

Reading2KidsHK Guest Sharing

Thank you Reading2KidsHK for inviting us for guest sharing in the Reading Festival 2017!

FunChannel Interview: Twiggy: The students who are misunderstood

Thank you FunChannel for interviewing Miss Chan to help raising public awareness of dyslexia. In the video, Miss Chan, who overcame dyslexia, will let you know that dyslexic students can also have good academic achievement if they have the right method.

Hong Kong Productivity Council (HKPC) and Hong Kong Association for Customer Service Excellence -Top 10 SME Customer Service Excellence Awards 2016

Add Details here

We would like to extend our sincere thanks to the Hong Kong Productivity Council (HKPC) and Hong Kong Association for Customer Service Excellence for awarding the “Top 10 SME Customer Service Excellence Awards 2016” to us. This award is relied on the efforts of our team teachers, as well as the support from students, parents and schools. We will continue work hard for our students!

HK01- Ms. Twiggy Chan as the Community Compassionate Figure of the Year

Add Details here

We would like to express our gratitude to HK01 for electing Ms. Twiggy Chan as the Community Compassionate Figure of the Year. Special thanks for their report on SEN children, which gives the public a more profound insight into SEN. We hope that more will notice the strengths of SEN children.

Invitation from HKTDC - How to start and run an SEN center

Add Details here

Ms. Chan, the founder of Boaz, was invited to share her experiences in starting and running her company. She hoped that more will devote themselves in special education to help more children in need.

Kam FAN Award - Won 6 Awards for Social Campaign for Impossible Test

We hope that the Impossible Test will allow more people to share the same experiences of dyslexic people.We would like to express our deep gratitude for your generous support, especially the creative team of Grey Group Hong Kong

MingPao: Dyslexic teacher invents creative spelling methods to help the same

Starting a business is challenging, but what’s more challenging is to overcome dyslexia.

Boaz want our children to understand that no matter how much difficulties they face, nothing is impossible as long as they hold on to their beliefs and dreams

Commercial Radio Interview: The Dyslexia Instructor Who Overcame Dyslexia

Miss Twiggy Chan was invited by the Commercial Radio to share her experience in overcoming dyslexia to support the parents and students who encounter the same challenge on their learning path.

GOLD medal awards for HSBC Youth Business Awards

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We are thrilled to share with you the exciting news that Boaz International Education has won the Gold Award of HSBC Youth Business Award 2016! Thank you everyone for all of your support throughout!

English School Foundation CPD - Dyslexia Training for Teaachers

Thanks to English School Foundation (ESF) invitation, on the 17th October, 2016, our Chinese Team did a teacher training for ESF on the topic of Dyslexia and Development of Chinese Reading Skills for International School Students.

Dyslexia Workshop at HKU

Miss Twiggy Chan shared her experience in dyslexia intervention with the students of the Faculty of Education in the University of Hong Kong!

A Taste of Dyslexia -- The Impossible Test

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To increase the public awareness of dyslexia in Hong Kong,  this simulation test shows how a dyslexic struggles to take a test. (Special Thanks To Grey)

Word Recognition and Boardgame Parent Workshop

Miss Twiggy Chan has shared with parents the secret tips of teaching our kids how to spell and recognize words in a funful way. Also, by introducing a useful learning company, boardgame, it is really delighted to see how boardgame can bring families together and motivate our kids to learn at the same time. 

Meeting with Mr. Lo, The Chairman of HKTDC

Thank you Mr. Lo for sharing his insight in running a start-up with social mission. 

[Viu TV Interview] Our Rationale and Strategies

Our founder Miss Twiggy Chan and Co-founder Miss Odilia Kan shared about Boaz's belief and our unique strategies in teaching our students.

Guest Lecture at HKU Space

Miss Chan has shared her successful stories with a group of students promoting life-long learning.

Miss Chan has shared her successful stories with a group of students promoting life-long learning.

[HK 01 Newspaper Interview] A dyslexic teacher inspiring dyslexic students.


If you were given a chance to choose from  A) package with high salary and welfare; B) getting one-third of the original pay; and C) earning only 3k to 4k per month, how would you choose? Would you choose to follow your passion?

Phoenix TV Interview


Our founder, Miss Twiggy Chan, has shared about her road to entrepreneurhsip in the interview.

Dyslexia Awareness Day

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Dyslexia awareness day is a special event where everyone becomes dyslexic walking through Central. This event aims to increase public awareness of bothe the need and positive side of dyslexia.


To know more, check out the the below video for more information.

Parent Training

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Topic: Change your learning with strategies


Sharing with over 300 parents, Miss Chan demonstrated how parents can change their method of teaching to help their child effectively.

Teacher Training Workshop

Miss Chan shared with a group of teachers about effective tactics in boosting self-learning motivation in school context.

HKFeel Radio Program - The Gift of Dyslexia

Collaborated with HKFeel Radio for a series of 6 episodes, Twiggy, Odilia and Christy shared about their successful story of how to overcome dyslexia, as well as the different strategies of helping kids with learning difficulties. 

HKFeel Radio Program - A Unique Education (29.1.2015)

Ms Twiggy Chan shared her personal experience in the program in hope to bring positive energy and inspire more families with similar experience.

Hong Kong Economic Times - Afterschool Homework Tutoring Interview (20.10.2014)

Add Details here

Is your child struggling with homework? Our team helps you understand the reason behind. 

I-Cabel TV Chanel 62 Sports King (17.6.2014)