If you are an adventurer, come and work with us.


Boaz believes every child can learn and every child has their own talent.


Our center is driven by our founder who successfully overcomes her learning difficulties (dyslexia) and wants to share her skills with children in similar situations. We aim to provide a fun, safe, open platform for children to develop their talents and learn to learn.



Job title: Chinese/English Learning Support Instructor (Special Needs) - Trainee


Job level: Primary to Secondary School students with Special Needs (including Autism, AD/HD, Specific Learning Difficulties, etc.)


Job duties:

- To assist and/or teach in primary to secondary school level Chinese/English learning support programs.

- To create and assist in teaching resources development

- To be responsible for lesson-related administrative work


Education: Bachelor degree holders with related subjects.  Registered Teacher and/or Social Worker would be an advantage. Need to work on weekends.


Location: Hong Kong


Employment: Full time / Part time


Character traits: Fluent in both written and spoken English and Chinese, Adventurous, open minded, willing to try and learn from errors, initiative, hard-working, flexible, good efficiency in multi-tasking, able to handle stress.


MOST IMPORTANTLY, be passionate towards kids with special needs and want to make a change in society.


Contact email: info@boazeducation.com.hk